🧮Meet Abax!

What is Abax?

Abax is a decentralized non-custodial lending protocol powered by smart contracts and blockchain technology. It offers individuals and other smart contracts the opportunity to earn a reliable passive income by depositing cryptocurrencies, which are then securely lent to borrowers against their collateral or through the innovative flash loan mechanism.

What can I do with Abax?

The Abax Lending Protocol empowers you to participate in the DeFi ecosystem through two primary roles:

  • As a Depositor (Liquidity Provider): You can become a liquidity provider by depositing supported crypto assets into the protocol. These deposited funds serve as the liquidity base, enabling borrowers to access loans. In return for supplying liquidity, you earn passive income in the form of interest generated on your deposited assets.

  • As a Borrower: You can access liquidity by borrowing assets against collateral, and utilize borrowed funds for various strategies, such as leveraging your holding or capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities.

Why should I use Abax?


Abax is a smart contract platform which means that you do not need to trust anyone that your funds will be managed safely. You just need to trust the code that will be audited before the platform is launched.


Abax operates on the public blockchain, which means it can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Moreover, as a depositor, you can deposit and withdraw your assets whenever you want and earn a steady interest rate.


Abax is built to be as efficient as possible to let its depositors earn more while not increasing borrowers' rates.

How do I interact with Abax?

You just need to send signed messages to the blockchain Abax is operating on. Don't worry, it's very simple! You can use a dedicated UI that will help you manage all your interactions with Abax. Including depositing that will earn you passive income based on the market borrowing demand.

What are the costs?

Interacting with the protocol requires sending messages to the blockchain Abax is operating on and paying gas fees. Gas fees depend on the network status and transaction complexity.

What happens with my deposited funds?

Your funds are transferred to the Abax smart contract where they are managed securely. The code of the smart contract will be (is) public, open source, formally verified, and audited by third-party auditors. You can withdraw your funds from the pool on demand.

Are there any risks?

Nothing in the finance world is entirely risk-free, even storing your money in banks. The risks related to Abax are the smart contract risk (risk of a bug within the protocol code) and liquidation risk (risk on the collateral liquidation process). These are the only possible risks, and many actions to mitigate them will be taken, including code auditing.

ABAX token

ABAX will be a central asset of Abax Governance. It can be staked to vote and decide on the outcomes of Abax Improvement Proposals (AIPs) that include code and parameter updates. Read more about how to get Abax at Abax Minitng Process soon!.

Abax DAO & Abax Community

Abax DAO is an emerging Decentralized Autonomous Organization that manages and benefits the Abax Lending Protocol. It will use the Abax token as a governance token to make decisions. As it is emerging it uses Discord server to bring community members together and discuss the future of the Abax DAO and Abax Lending Protocol.

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