The storage of the Lending Poool is a struct:

pub struct LendingPoolStorage {
    pub price_feed_provider: AccountId,

    pub next_asset_id: AssetId,
    pub asset_to_id: Mapping<AccountId, AssetId>,
    pub id_to_asset: Mapping<AssetId, AccountId>,

    pub next_rule_id: RuleId,
    pub market_rules: Mapping<RuleId, MarketRule>,

    pub reserve_abacus_tokens: Mapping<AccountId, ReserveAbacusTokens>,

    pub reserve_restrictions: Mapping<AssetId, ReserveRestrictions>,
    pub reserve_indexes_and_fees: Mapping<AssetId, ReserveIndexesAndFees>,
    pub reserve_decimal_multiplier: Mapping<AssetId, DecimalMultiplier>,
    pub reserve_datas: Mapping<AssetId, ReserveData>,
    pub interest_rate_model: Mapping<AssetId, InterestRateModel>,

    /// The UserReserveData is stored in a vector, where the index is coresponding to the asset_id.
    pub user_reserve_datas: Mapping<AccountId, Vec<Option<UserReserveData>>>,
    pub user_configs: Mapping<AccountId, UserConfig>,

    /// fee that must be paid while taking flash loan. 10^6 = 100%.
    pub flash_loan_fee_e6: u128,

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