How to Start Using Abax?

How Do I Get Started with Abax?

To begin using the Abax Lending Protocol, head over to

Once on the site, the initial step is to connect your chosen wallet.

Select the 'Connect wallet' option:

Then, choose the appropriate wallet from the provided list:\

Congratulations! You're now all set to start leveraging the benefits of the Abax Lending Protocol!

Explore Asset Details

Clicking on the arrow next to the chosen asset directs you to a window containing comprehensive details.

Within this window, you'll discover crucial information such as the utilization rate and current interest rates for both depositors and borrowers. Additionally, an interactive chart allows you to monitor how these interest rates fluctuate in response to changes in the utilization rate.

Choose Market Rule

Click the upper left corner button to explore the Market Rules selection. Selecting a non-default Market Rule will limit your choice of assets you can use as collateral and borrow compared to the default option. However, this trade-off increases your borrowing power, allowing you to borrow a larger amount relative to your collateral value.

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