Promotional Campaigns

To generate momentum and support for the upcoming Public Contribution event, Abax DAO has implemented several promotional campaigns:

Abax Referrer Program

This program empowers community members to become active advocates for Abax. The primary objectives set for participants are expanding Abax's reach within the Web3 space, promoting the project to new audiences, and attracting valuable individuals who can contribute to and support the community. In return for their efforts, referrers receive incentives, including a 2% bonus on contributions referred through. The contributor who uses the referral code will get an additional 1% bonus during the minting process.

Stakedrop Campaign

This campaign is based on the premise that Abax Finance Node nominators will receive ABAX instead of the usual staking rewards. The tokens generated through this campaign will be subtracted from the pool allocated for the first phase of token generation, precisely from the pot provided for public contributors.

The campaign began on February 17, 2024, and will run until two weeks before the start of Public Contribution.

Zealy Campaign

The Zealy campaign focuses on community education and outreach. Participants engage with educational quizzes and perform social media actions to promote Abax and introduce the project to new community members. In return for their participation, users receive a bonus during the minting process.

Extended Public Contribution Bonus

To incentivize larger contributions during the Public Contribution event, Abax DAO has implemented a contribution-based bonus system. Contributors receive an additional 1% bonus for every 1,000 AZERO tokens they contribute during the minting process.

Important Note: The total bonus amount accumulated through all promotional campaigns is capped at 10% to ensure a fair and balanced Public Contribution event.

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