Tokenomics ideas

The current idea is to initially mint some amount of the Governance/Dividend Abacus Share Token ABS. Then the ABS could be mined by providing liquidity and by taking debts. The mining could be indefinite in time and amount of the token but be strictly connected to the fees paid by liquidity provider and debt takes.

The proposition is to pre-mint 10 millions ABS and distribute it in some proportions to: - protocol creators - creators of free tools that were used during development - early investors - strategic resources (marketing, partnership, promotions, airdrops etc) - initial rewards for protocol users\

After initial mint, tokens would be minted to users who provide liquidity or take debt and what in consequence generates income for the protocol. The "mining" would take forever but it would get harder as supply S of ABS increases: For example:

MA(S,UGP)=αUGPS,MA(S, UGP) =\alpha \frac{UGP}{S},

​where MA is minted amount, UGP generated profit by user, and \alpha is a constant.

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