Depositing & Earning

How to make a deposit?

To make a deposit you need to send a signed message to the blockchain. You can do it with easy-to-use UI. In UI navigate to the "Deposit Market" section and click the "Deposit" button next to the asset you want to deposit. Then, provide the amount you want to deposit and click "Approve & Deposit". Finally, sign the message with your wallet. Once the message is included in the block your deposit will be accounted for by smart contract.

How will I earn?

Once you have made a deposit you will earn interest in real-time (accounted for every ~1 second). The interest rate you are earning depends on the current market conditions. Depositors share and split the interest rate paid by the borrowers. The higher the demand to borrow a given asset the higher the debt interest and the resulting deposit interest you earn.

Are there any limits on deposits?

Yes. there is a limit on how much of a given asset can be deposited in total. This parameter is controlled by Abax Governance.

How do I withdraw?

It is as simple as making a deposit. With the use of UI, you can send e signed message that will result in withdrawing your funds. You can do it at any time as long as not all funds were borrowed.

Is my deposit used as collateral?

Your deposits are used as collateral against your debt only if you mark them. Any asset can be chosen by you to be or not to be used as collateral.

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